Solitude doesn’t mean you’re in a lonely place. I am not hiding in the caves of sorrow and the burrows of fear. No. I am free, and solitude is my strength.  I am in a place of purification where silence is louder than noise. A place where I am closer to my soul. I have found myself not in the company of others, but in the depths of my own thoughts. I saw myself chained by my own frailties, torn by grief and pain. And only solitude came to help. Now I have mastered how to forgive those who have caused me pain and I’ve learned to let go of the bitter memories of old

For all the heartbreaks I’ve been through, I am still standing, ready to fight back. But I fight not out of revenge. I am fighting for all the happy memories we’ve shared. I am grateful to have been a part of their stories, blissful watching them having the greatest time of their lives. I have learned acceptance and gratitude. In my solitude, I have found a more profound sense of happiness,  happiness you only feel when you know how to forgive and let go of the things that aren’t meant to stay.